From LucasArts to Telltale Games to the Future: Thoughts on Recent Events

Growing up playing LucasArts classic adventure games gave me a deep appreciation (nostalgia, perhaps?) for games that capture that feeling I remember so fondly. The feeling of looking at unvoiced dialogue text over pixelated graphics and listening to crude MIDI music while contemplating what to do to progress the story may not sound appealing, but game developers at that time had to artfully use the means they had available to create and entertaining and engaging experience. LucasArts mastered that art, and even with the incredible advances in game development, their games have stood the test of time. Before the Internet was a staple of everyday life and instantly available in our pockets, we had to actually take the time to retrace our steps and Look At, Pick Up, and Use everything, sometimes for hours or more, in an attempt to solve often abstruse puzzles. I remember discussing the games with friends, sharing how we got past difficult parts and trying to figure what to do next when we were all stumped.

A screenshot from The Secret of Monkey Island, one of LucasArts’ first point and click adventure games. Most of them had an interface like this, with possible actions on the left side and inventory items on the right.
A screenshot from Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. After making a choice that would affect another character, the game would show a message like this. Many of them used the “will remember that” template, but myriad variations on the idea were used.
Detroit: Become Human shows the player which decisions they’ve made, and other the other options they could have chosen. This shows how complex Detroit’s choice system is, but even so, note how all of these paths lead to just 5 outcomes for the chapter.

I’m an electrical engineer and programmer trying to channel my creative side

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